Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest Attempt #1: Home Fragrance

I actually tried this out a couple of weeks ago, but am just now getting around to blogging about it. We were having our aunt & uncle over for dinner, and our house smelled of cat piss and rotten eggs (cat piss because bitch cat is peeing in the fireplace in the basement, and rotten eggs because our water has a lot of sulfur in it), so I thought it was the perfect occasion to try the Lemon Rosemary stovetop potpourri I found on Pinterest. The source, who used to work at Williams Sonoma, claims it's the recipe they use to make the store smell fantastic (I can't afford Williams Sonoma products and have never gone in the store, so this has no meaning for me, but I thought it seemed like it would smell lovely, so I decided to try it).

The recipe is a sliced lemon, sprigs of fresh rosemary, and a couple drops of vanilla in a small stock pot two-thirds full of water. Easy, cheap...but does it smell good? I say yes, it smells good, crisp, and clean. However, the scent failed to travel throughout my house. It didn't even make it out of the kitchen, and I have a fairly open floorplan. I even got creative and made a tiny batch of it in my Scentsy burner, located on my fireplace:

I was super excited for my sister to come home, because she has the nose of a hound dog. She could smell the needle in a haystack and promptly find it. I thought she'd bust into the living room raving about how wonderful it smelled. Unfortunately, she couldn't smell it unless she put her face right over the pot.

I had bought enough lemons and rosemary to make two batches, so I tried again the following weekend. The second time around, I put in less water and more rosemary and vanilla. And finally, we all smelled it. I definitely recommend trying this. It's super simple, super cheap (especially if you have a small rosemary plant), and adds a nice touch of fragrance to the air. Pinterest Attempt #1: Success!

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  1. Water smells like sulfur? Do you guys have well water? When we bought our house in 2000 we got a water softener system from Davis Water Treatment in Copley, and we've been happy with it, and them. It was kinda pricey but they had decent financing so we spread it out over 2 years, I think? When I was growing up I hated well water and how it turned my clothes and hair orange, so the softener system was an absolute must for me when we moved here.

    I am gonna try this air freshener thing too!