Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm branching out!

The focus of this blog since I started writing has been, as the subtitle indicates, my adventures in mommyhood. But the subtitle also states, "and everything in between (in between eating and pooping and sleeping of course). Lately, I've been finding myself wanting to write posts about those things in between, such as recipes I've tried, ideas for my upcoming wedding, or my latest addiction to Pinterest. And since I am the owner of this blog, and the sole decision maker, I've decided I'm gonna go ahead and write those posts. You're welcome!

(Don't worry, I promise I wont forget about my little munchkin)

And what the heck, why not start right now? Let's talk about the major time suck that is Pinterest. It's awesome, right? If you haven't immersed yourself in it, you should. It's like having thousands of magazines to flip through, with the ability to clip and save the pictures of all the awesome things that inspire you, and it's absolutely free. I've planned out practically every detail of my wedding from it. I've found numerous DIY projects that look so awesome and simple. I've pinned lots of stuff that will help me be a creative, interactive mom. It's really very cool. The problem is, it can also be a huge daily reminder of how un-crafty I am, how little skill I have in the kitchen, and how I completely lack any sense of style. I promise I will attempt some of the DIY crafts and recipes I've pinned, but I imagine they'll turn out to be a total catastrophe. In fact, there's actually a website devoted to crafts that have failed, with a special section for Pinterest fails. Check it out, it's pretty funny. I look forward to sharing all of my Pinterest fails with you!

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