Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter Closed

Today is a fresh start for Addison and me. It's the beginning of our first week without Baby J. He was a special part of our lives for the past six weeks, but on Friday, we said bye-bye for the final time. And if I'm being totally honest, I'm very happy about it. Baby J is just over three months old, and although he is beyond easy to take care of, a three month old drains energy no matter what. I'm happy to be spending all my time and energy on Addy going forward, rather than dividing it between the two. I think it's pretty difficult to do when one of them is not your own.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to babysit him, though. Addy absolutely shocked me with how well she handled him being here, and I absolutely shocked myself with my ability to juggle the demands of the increased responsibility. My house certainly wasn't as clean as I prefer to maintain it, and dinner wasn't always ready on time, but overall, I think I did a great job of keeping things in order.

Baby J - we're gonna miss you, little smiley man!

Looooong toes!

Addy checkin' him out


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  1. That toes picture is awesome. I felt a strange compulsion to try to bite them thru my screen!