Friday, February 24, 2012

Role playing

Im elated at how well Addy handles having a three month old in the house nearly 40 hours a week. I've been watching Baby J for four weeks now, and she still gets excited every time he gets dropped off. When he's not here, she repeatedly asks where he is (baaabeee? *head tilted, eyebrows cinched*). It's adorable. Her only moments of showing jealousy come when I'm giving Baby J a bottle; she cries and whines and sometimes throws a full blown tantrum. She does it because she wants to help me feed him, but if I let her try, she just takes the bottle in and out of his mouth, which of course results in a pissed off baby. But this past weekend, Grandma Susan supplied a fix:


...and burping!

So now we can feed and burp our babies together! She is quickly becoming very attached to her baby, carrying her around and giving her kisses all the time. Thank you Grandma Susan - both for helping ease a source of conflict, and for introducing Addy to the wonderful world of role playing with a baby doll!!!!

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