Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Totally Cute Tuesday

What? I'm posting a Totally Cute Tuesday???? You betcha!

Today is January 31st in Ohio, and it's almost 60 degrees outside! My fellow SAHM friend, Alyssa, came over with her 2 kiddos and we all played outside. My big front yard could barely contain the cuteness of this group! (Out of privacy to the mother, the pics are missing the bundled up 2 month old that I have recently started babysitting - more on that development later...I would have taken way more pictures, but chasing my 15 month old and feeding a 2 month old didn't really allow for that!)

E playing on the 'pirate ship', and Addy wishing she
could climb up there with him.

G chillin in her stroller - looks like she's just about to
drop her toy!

Addy and our daily visitor, Buzz the cat. She was chasing
him all arund the yard.

This was Addy's first time walking outside in the grass. It was a hoot! She was falling over every 5 seconds, and laughing. She loved the breeze and the sound of the leaves and sticks crunching beneath her. Pictures just can't capture that!

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