Thursday, January 5, 2012

J is for...

Yes, that is a beautiful ring on my finger. And yes, I did get my
dad's sausage fingers. And yes, I took about 30 pictures trying
to get one showing the least degree of sausage possible.

We're engaged! Matt proposed on Christmas morning, after everyone had opened their gifts. Even though I had picked out the ring and I knew it would be coming at some point, he still managed to surprise me, which is pretty spectacular. And bonus points for all involved, I didn't turn into psycho bitch, which is customarily what happens when someone surprises me (maybe someday I'll tell you all about my ninth birthday party).

I am not a girl that likes to wear jewelry, but dammit if I don't smile every time I look at this ring. And it just gets more beautiful every day. As does our love (awwww....aren't I sweet corny).

Dear Matthew,

I'm very much looking forward to the years to come. You've been a wonderful partner on this journey, and I am elated that you're willing to accompany me for the rest of it.


Dear Addison,

Someday, in addition to reading about this, you'll get to see the video of your dorky mom in her morning robe being proposed to by your awesome father, in which I call your Aunt Stephanie a bitch for not forcing me to change clothes before the Christmas morning festivities began. The rest of the internet world does not get to see that. You, my dear, are loved.

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  1. I wish blogger had a "like" button. I'm so happy for you all! And while I don't doubt Matt has great taste, I am not at all surprised you picked it out and knew it was coming. P.S. I'm coming back in February to see that video!!