Thursday, January 5, 2012

Addy's Christmas! (Finally blogged!)

A few pics from Christmas Eve:

I keep thinking this was Addy's first Christmas. Afterall, she was only seven weeks old for her actual first Christmas, and that was less than thrilling for her. But this year, she got to wear a festive dress, tear off wrapping paper, and steal the bows off of all the other people's gifts. She got to play with toys and get excited about what she was opening, and drag around all her new stuffed animal buddies. And also, we did most of the Christmas entertaining at our house, so she got to enjoy it all in her own surroundings and stay on her sleeping/napping schedule - remember folks, I am the sleep nazi, so this made me very happy. This was WAY better than last year. So Addy, I hope you enjoyed your first REAL Christmas, and I very much look forward to the next few years being even more fun for both of us.

And here's a video of Addy testing out her new shopping cart:

Addy got spoiled of course. Her loot consisted of:

  • A plastic toy box, a book, and footie pajamas from Nana and Papa
  • A carseat, some books, some stocking stuffers, a big teddy bear, and Memory Game from Grandpa and Gammy
  • Christmas pajamas and moolah for her college fund from Grandma and Bill
  • Moolah for her college fund from Grandma Jean
  • 3 outfits, a shopping cart with tons of plastic groceries, and a bowling set from Aunt Stephanie
  • Megablocks from Uncle Dave
  • A ball-tossing Elephant from Aunt Jamie and Uncle Dan
  • An outfit and a fluffy puppy from Aunt Marcy
  • A big fluffy dog from Uncle Glen
  • An ABC Turtle from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jay
  • A Rub-a-Dub Bathtime Paint set, book, and MyPal Violet Dog from Aunt Kris
  • A gift card to Toys R Us from Uncle Mark
  • A set of play fruit in a basket from my Bestie Jen
  • A chunky wooden puzzle, books, and stocking stuffers from Mom & Dad (yes, we are saving the good stuff for years when she will actually appreciate what we get her, so this year was pretty lame on our part)
I am ALMOST positive that I got it all...but if anyone reading this does not see any or all of the gifts you gave listed, I'm very sorry. Nothing personal.

So I think Addy had a pretty spectacular Christmas. Mommy and Daddy did too, but that's a topic for another post... (-;

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