Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time to get organized!

Managing a household is like any other job - it requires an agenda book to do so effectively. Without one, I frequently forget details, things I meant to do, items at the grocery store, who i was supposed to call, etc. Without something to scribble my random thoughts on, I feel scatterbrained because I can't keep it all in there and in order. I had been searching for a good organizer for 2012 for a few weeks, but nothing suited my needs just right. Business Planners are too, well, businessy. Family Organizers are geared towards moms of kids who are in school, with stickers such as carpool, soccer game, band practice...many of the pages and features are a waste to me. Engagement Planners are best suited for childless women, with stickers such as Date Night, Mani/Pedi, Girls Night. My fruitless search was leaving me very frustrated, until I recalled the fantastic planner my friend Brooke brought to my house a few months ago. After getting the info from her, I ordered my very own. It's called a Life Planner.  It's from http://www.erincondren.com/.


I know, I know, I'm not a Villilo. Jumping the gun? Maybe.
But 'The Family Living in Sin' just doesn't read right.

It's got a double-sided pocket insert, and a zippered pouch
that comes to your doorstep holding personalized gift tags
that look just like the front cover. The inside of the back
cover shows the year-at-a-glance.

This is the week-at-a-glance view, with a sidebar to jot down
weekly goals and to-do. Give this girl a designated space for
a to-do list, and you've made her day.

There are lovely inspirational quotes throughout the book,
with an abundance of lined Notes pages!

Here's the month-at-a-glance

And it's got stickers! Good stickers! Mostly. There are
girly ones that will never apply to me, but there are also
FOUR PAGES of BLANK stickers on which I can write
whatever I want!
 Ahhhhhh, I'm in heaven. Now I can remember all the important things, like to pick up paper towels at the store, or record when I started my last period so I can count days and make sure I'm not cooking baby number two yet.

So, since I included "Product Reviews" in the list of labels, I suppose I should give my review: FREAKING AWESOME.

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