Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not the sharpest tool in the shed

You know that game you play with toddlers where you instruct them to point to all the parts on their faces? Well I play it two ways with Addy - I ask her to point to things on my face: "Where's mommy's nose?" - and I ask her to point to things on her face: "Where's Addy's nose?" Here's how that goes...



I don't think she quite gets it.


  1. Hey! Sounds like she totally understands all the different parts and their names - which is AWESOME! - I think she just doesn't have a mental picture of her own face yet so she can point them out on herself. Try sticking her in front of a mirror and play this game... I'm curious if that will help.

  2. Jen, you're totally right. And the mirror trick MIGHT work IF I could get her to stop giving herself kisses on the mirror first! (-: