Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes, we're still alive!

I'm not ignoring you, I promise! Okay...actually I am. I've snapped a lot of photos for Totally Cute Tuesdays, but never remember to bring my camera with me when I sit down at the computer. The office is in BFE, and yes, I am THAT lazy that I don't want to get the camera when it dawns on me that I meant to bring it. Also, there really hasn't been much to write about, nor much time to write it, since naptime is now taken up with my obsession of playing puzzle games on my DS or reading The Hunger Games. (BTW, this is also why no one has received a thank you note pertaining to Addy's birthday).

And speaking of The Hunger Games - have you read it? I was maybe two chapters in, and I turned to my sister and said "I do not think I can read this book. Not after having a baby. I just can't read a story of children forced to fight to the death!" Turns out, I can, and the book is superb. I finished it in two days. I highly recommend it.

So's a somewhat lame pictorial recap of what we've been up to since November hit:

I'm cool going on trips- as long as I've got 3 shakey-musical
toys in my lap and a car tucked behind my head. Ride on mom, ride on.
I eat big girl cereal now! I use all eight of my teefs to chew it!
Birthday balloons still going strong...
...providing hours of solitary entertainment
Now I open cupboards and take things out, but don't worry,
I put them away when I'm all done. I'm a good girl.
Not this cupboard though, I don't put this stuff back.
I spread it all around the house instead. Hehehehe.
Wearin' my fruit pajamas, eatin' my favorite fruits. Life is great!

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