Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Addison!!!!

I can't believe my baby is ONE YEAR OLD! Everyone was right, this goes by way too fast. All the eating, pooping, and sleeping she's done over the past year has been a really wonderful ride for me!

I think her birthday party turned out great, especially considering the double-booking fiasco. We ended up having the party at our house, with about 50 people in attendance. Let me just say, standing next to her as we sang Happy Birthday, it was absolutely amazing to see the faces of all those people that love her!!! I have to give a huge shout out to my truly wonderful husband***, Grandpa Rudy, Grandma Susan, and Aunt Steph for helping me pull off this last-minute location change. You all rock and the house never would have been ready without your help! And also, Nana and Aunt Steph were a huge help in cleaning up afterwards! Thank you all!!!!!

I do have a couple of regrets, or rather, feelings of wishing things had been done differently. For starters, after all the packaged gifts were opened, we opted to skip opening the huge stack of cards, assuming no one really wants to sit there and watch cards get opened and read. We both feel REALLY bad about this decision. Cards (each of which contained some sort of monetary gift) are no less of a gift than something wrapped, and we just feel like we slighted all those gracious gift-givers. Secondly, both of us failed to make a pot of coffee. I had an entire station set up for it - on a standalone cart. With cups, and sugar, and creamer, and splenda. The coffeepot still had the remnants of our morning coffee, nice and cold and stale. And at least one person tried to drink it. We're both just terribly embarrassed about that! Lastly, I didn't get any pictures of the cake before it was cut, or the decorations and general party set-up. I'm just a little bummed about that. Nonetheless, I think everyone had a good time, and our house worked just fine for having a party of that size.

Addison was a complete doll the entire day. I don't think she cried or whined a single time during the party. She was being a social butterfly (which is shocking considering her parents totally lack that ability!) We're so fortunate to have so many people that love her and wanted to share in the celebration!

Here's a few shots of the birthday girl's big day:

The invitation. Did I make them? Well of course! It's a
huge perk of owning an invitation design business!
Setting up some food, throwing out some trash.
The aftermath of the cake. I should have asked for light pink
icing instead of hot pink, because this looked like red to me.
Addy playing with a couple other babies.
The beautiful birthday girl and her handsome Papa
Someone likes Kohl's as much as her mother does!
(and also, OMG I love her shoes!)
After the party, she carried this doll around with her
from room to room - so cute.
Super adorable when she tried to lick the cake!
We both knew she wasn't going to spread it all over her face.
She's much too methodical of an eater.

And finally, here is a video of singing Happy Birthday and giving the smash cake to her:

Addison, you have brightened my life and brought me so much joy - there are not enough words to express how deeply I love you and how much you have changed me. I am so excited to see what this next year has in store for us! Happy Birthday kiddo, punkin' pie, peanut, munchkie, munchkers, sweet cheeks, my little chicken, Addy, Addsters, little monster!

***Yes I realize that Matt is not legally my husband, but calling him 'boyfriend' just doesn't do him justice. He plays far too important a role in my life, and my love for him goes far deeper than 'boyfriend' can convey. For all intents and purposes, he is my husband.


  1. That is an AWESOME picture of Addison & Lilah. Sadly the other baby is hidden behind Addison, and I don't remember the other baby's head sorry! I wish we had as many great pictures of Lilah's 1st Bday as you do. I'm jealous.

  2. I absolutely love the ***husband bit. Your husband is fabulous! :)