Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why I'm oozing with excitement

We've been living in this house for a month, and each day it becomes more clear just how important it is to have patience when children are in the picture. Normally, upon moving, I would be unpacked, totally situated, and totally decorated within a week. But here we are a month later, and I still  have a room full of decorative items that need hung, I still need to buy and hang curtains for the living room and dining room, our TV needs mounted above the fireplace, we're waiting on our sectional to be delivered...and so on. I have something like 37 half-finished projects waiting on me, and I HATE half-finished projects. I work best when I get into a flow, and I hate getting interrupted. So....enter the need for patience.

The project I have been most eager to complete is our dining room table. We were lucky enough to be given a (gently used) beautiful table free of charge, but I was worried about making it work with my style of decor. Our house is very light and airy, and completely neutral in color, and the dining room flows right off the kitchen...and this table is black. Big and black, with black and white striped chair pads. But since it's such a fabulous table, with seating for six, I decided it was worth the effort to recover the chair pads. Now, I am not exactly Suzy Homemaker, so this task felt a little out of my comfort zone. But, the end result is why I'm oozing with excitement!

Here is the bench before:

and after:

and me getting down and dirty with it:

I chose a tan colored microsuede material from Joanne Fabrics. I needed 3 yards of it, so the total cost was $81.00. Overall, I'm fairly pleased with my handiwork. I would have liked to get the corners a little smoother, but I really did do the best I could. And best of all, not a single undesirable word was uttered the entire time! I actually enjoyed doing it!

You can't see it in the picture very clearly, but I also made the centerpiece. I think I did a very nice job of combining the rich black with the brown and tan colors throughout the dining room and kitchen.

We have decided to use the table without the leaf, and just four chairs, and place the bench on the wall where we enter from the garage. We can keep our shoes under it and put a coat rack next to it. Then, when we have enough people over for dinner that we need six chairs, we'll put the leaf in and pull the bench over. I love the final setup!

I'm sorta sad to see Matt's awesome silver/glass table go - it actually worked rather well in the space! But for now, it's new home will be in Addy's playroom. I'm going to spread out all of my scrapbooking stuff so I can work on her baby scrapbooks as time allows, and when duty calls, I can just leave it spread out and get back to it when possible. Which brings me to my next project...finish at least one scrapbook before her birthday party next month.


  1. Your dining set looks phenomenal! And I love the idea of using the bench elsewhere until needed. It's nice to have the extra room. Don't feel bad about the small amount of decorating getting done. I've been here 3 months and the place is pretty well decorated but there isn't a single personal photo anywhere. Oops!

  2. Looks great - nice work! Also, we should totally hang out and scrapbook together sometime (that's called "having a crop" or "cropping" in the scrapbooking world). So far I have completed one book for Max's first year. I have four more years for him and two for Emmett - so don't feel bad about being behind!