Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To whoever gave me the advice that I will love every phase...

Turns out, you were right! Every phase of having a kid has its challenges and its rewards. And without a doubt, every phase is entertaining at some point (though, those points were few and far between in the first four months!) Of course, I'm only speaking with just under a year's worth of experience...this may not hold true for phases to come.

But this phase right now, can I pretty pretty please bottle it up and keep it??? I just can't get enough of my little baby. Every day is filled with so many smiles and so many laughs. Every day my heart grows bigger with love for her. Every day I look at her in complete amazement at what we created. I love watching the lightbulbs go off in her head when she makes the tiniest of connections, filling in the puzzle pieces of this big huge world around her. And though I complain about it, I love being so important to another human being. 

These are a few of my favorite things:
  • When she sees anyone holding a sock or shoe, she holds her foot up in the air
  • If I sing a song or melody that one of her toys makes, she'll seek out that toy and make the music play
  • She "practices" feeding herself - she'll pick up imaginary pieces of food and put them in her mouth if she's sitting at her highchair with no food
  • She is mostly very agreeable, making it as easy as possible to run errands and get stuff done around the house
  • She's starting to say Hi and giggle when people pass by
  • She's not currently protesting the diaper changing very much
  • She loves to be chased around the house, and squeals with delight if you sneak up on her (the layout of our house makes this really easy to do)
I don't want this phase to ever end, but alas, I know it will. And probably very soon now that she's figuring out how to get places vertically. Miss Independent is on her way!

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