Sunday, October 23, 2011

She's walking!

Addy took her first steps yesterday! She's been hinting at it for a few weeks, taking one or two brief steps while almost still holding onto something. Each time, she would be very wobbly and the movements were made in the process of her dropping down to the crawling position, so I've been hesitant to label any of that as walking. But yesterday, she stood up straight and let go of her support, steadied herself, slapped a stern look of concentration on her face, and took about seven steps toward me! She did it slowly, balancing herself with each movement. It was so exciting! She had almost reached me when she stumbled and fell forward. We applauded and praised, and she looked at us like, "What? What did I do?" Since this, she's tried walking a few more times, getting three or four steps in before falling.

New goal: capture this on video!

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