Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update and Rant

Okay...I'm back. I know you missed me. We got the house! And we're moved in! And my computer is finally hooked up to the internet again, so hello blog world! There's my update - here's my rant:

We went to the grocery store Monday morning because I was just about ready to eat the newspaper that we packed our breakables in. It had rained most of the morning, but at the moment we pulled into the parking lot, it was not raining. It was maybe kind of misty, damp feeling in the air, but definitely not raining. As Matt was getting Addy out of the car, a woman from across the parking lot nastily yelled, in reference to the shield on the carseat that was not pulled open, "Put the thing up, it's raining!" Now, if you know me, I am not one for confrontation. In fact, I will do just about anything to avoid confrontation, especially if someone has made me feel stupid. But this time? I said, "Well, it's not actually raining right now. And also, I really don't think she's going to crumble if she gets a little water on her." Okay, I said it pretty quietly, and she most likely did not hear me, but still. I may suck at standing up for myself, but you better believe I wont hesitate to stand up for my daughter.

As I type this story, my blood pressure is steadily rising. This woman's comment and demeanor pissed me off to the core. I felt as if she was summing up my mothering skills in her two-second view into my world. How dare she pass judgement on me? From across the parking lot. Before Matt even had Addy propped in the shopping cart. But more importantly, how dare I allow her to make me doubt my mothering skills for even a second. I keep defending myself in my head, and I keep joking about it with Matt because that's my defense mechanism, but really, she's just a damn idiot. If not pulling the shield up before exiting the car when there's a little mist in the air is the worst thing I do, I'm a damn good mother. Actually, you know what bitch, I'm a damn good mother no matter what. Oh, by the way, why aren't you holding an umbrella? It's raining, you know.

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