Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am (super) woman, hear me roar

Today has been one of those days when everything aligns and I'm able to do something more than entertain a whiny baby - mostly because aforementioned whiny baby was rather self-sufficient this morning, and let me do, well, whatever I wanted to. So here's what I did (all before noon!):

  • Loaded and ran the dishwasher
  • Washed AND put away Addy's laundry (there's usually about a three day gap between these tasks)
  • Swept and mopped the kitchen floor
  • Swiffered and mopped the dining room (I even moved everything out of the room, including the table!)
  • Assembled a bar stool
  • Assembled a highchair (After watching me do it, if Addy's first word isn't 'fuck', I'll be surprised)
  • Took a shower (on most days, even that doesn't happen before noon)
  • Caulked the dining room windows
  • Wiped down the upstairs bathroom fixtures
  • Painted most of the asbestos tape in the basement (this has to be done before the air ducts get cleaned tomorrow, otherwise nasty asbestos will be vibrated into our airflow, and that is unacceptable for my little baby's lungs)
  • Came face to face with a rather large toad. He looked like a bully. I left the room.
Yes, friends, today I feel like Superwoman. And might I add, Addison only took a 30 minute nap, and I still managed to do all this. What a great, fulfilling day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Totally Cute Tuesday

This penguin sings and dances, and Addy was dancing along! (Sorry, didn't have the video camera nearby to capture it!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A nice surprise

This morning when I opened my eyes and registered what day it was, I thought, 19 years ago, I was sleeping on the floor of my room in my Pound Puppies sleeping bag, and I awoke to my dad and my sister standing in my doorway...and I already knew why.

They were there to tell me that mom had died during the night. I took one look at their faces, and I nodded my head. Dad said softly, "She's gone." His nostrils were flared and his cheeks were red - the telltale signs that he was fighting back tears.

I didn't feel any sadness, as she had been sick for two years. I didn't feel pain, as I knew she was no longer suffering. After the undertaker visited and they took her body, we spent the afternoon cleaning out the den, a 9x10 room at the far end of the house that she had secluded herself in for the final few months. In the background, Ray Boltz played, with the song 'Thank You' on repeat*. That afternoon is my most vivid memory of the days to follow.

It's amazing how fast the past 19 years have gone. It's amazing all the changes that have taken place in her absence. Now that I'm a mom, I'm sad that she wasn't here to see it all happening.

This afternoon, a beautiful vase of flowers was delivered to me from my sister. The card read: 
It's hard to believe it's been 19 years. Mom would be so proud of the person and mother you've, Steph.

Mom would also be very proud of the kind of person that Stephanie is, and the "mother" that she's been to me.

* I had to Google the few lyrics that I remembered of the song to find the artist's name. I decided to click on the You Tube link and listen to the song...I'm now totally drenched in my tears. It's unbelievable the memories that can be unlocked simply by listening to a song.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Top 5 things I love about this house

1. The View. I feel like I'm on vacation when I'm sitting here drinking my coffee.

2. The fireplace. I'm super stoked to have a real, live, woodburning fireplace. And it's pretty to boot!

3. Addy's playroom. Who wouldn't love an entire room to put all those large and unsightly toys in??

4. The guest bedroom. Who wants to spend the night? The bed is ready!!!

5. The kitchen. Sure, there is something wrong with just about every part of this kitchen - every appliance has an issue, the cabinets have some defects, the island countertop was very poorly constructed, two of the wall outlets are without power, the sink has drainage problems, there's some random guy's ass hanging out my fridge...whatever, I'm still in love.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

G is for...


In the 10 years I have worked for The Home Depot, I've built relationships with lots of different people. I've met many people that I would call acquaintances, I have a group of people that I talk to on a regular basis when at work, and I've even met who I would consider to be my best girlfriend at this stage of my life. All in all, The Home Depot has given me an extended family - people that I enjoy interacting with and hope to keep in contact with as the years go by.

It wasn't until I was pregnant that I realized just how awesome this extended family is and just how much they care about me as well. About a month before Addy was born, a small group of women threw a baby shower for me, with about 15 guests from work. These ladies did it all, from the invitations to the food and games - and it was a wonderful party. I felt so honored and blessed to have my work family spending their time and energy to make me feel special. And it doesn't stop there. All in all, 29 coworkers pitched in to surprise me with a crapload of gifts. No seriously, a CRAPLOAD. In addition to tons of diapers and clothes, a noise machine, a bathtub kneeler, a co-sleeper baby bed, the Baby Einstein activity jumper, and more and more and more, they also gifted me the wonderful rocking chair shown below, which was part of Addy's bedroom furniture ensemble. They had it set up in the room as if it were just another chair for a guest, and I was totally surprised!
Opening the activity jumper, sitting in the most
wonderful rocking chair

And here are some other random pics of the party...

Delicious cake - the bottom of the booties
have lines to write the baby's birth stats

Funniest party moment ever: Opening a box containing
three condoms, with a card that says "Wrap it up, yo!"

Playing "Guess how big her belly is". Kevin guessed
almost exactly right!
My bestie hand made matching hats for me and baby!
My bestie - a great coworker and the most generous friend
I've ever had. She's responsible for most of the toys Addy
 plays with, for numerous baby gadgets that help me cope,
and for always being there when a friend is needed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Totally Cute Tuesday: Cat Edition

I think they like it here.

Update and Rant

Okay...I'm back. I know you missed me. We got the house! And we're moved in! And my computer is finally hooked up to the internet again, so hello blog world! There's my update - here's my rant:

We went to the grocery store Monday morning because I was just about ready to eat the newspaper that we packed our breakables in. It had rained most of the morning, but at the moment we pulled into the parking lot, it was not raining. It was maybe kind of misty, damp feeling in the air, but definitely not raining. As Matt was getting Addy out of the car, a woman from across the parking lot nastily yelled, in reference to the shield on the carseat that was not pulled open, "Put the thing up, it's raining!" Now, if you know me, I am not one for confrontation. In fact, I will do just about anything to avoid confrontation, especially if someone has made me feel stupid. But this time? I said, "Well, it's not actually raining right now. And also, I really don't think she's going to crumble if she gets a little water on her." Okay, I said it pretty quietly, and she most likely did not hear me, but still. I may suck at standing up for myself, but you better believe I wont hesitate to stand up for my daughter.

As I type this story, my blood pressure is steadily rising. This woman's comment and demeanor pissed me off to the core. I felt as if she was summing up my mothering skills in her two-second view into my world. How dare she pass judgement on me? From across the parking lot. Before Matt even had Addy propped in the shopping cart. But more importantly, how dare I allow her to make me doubt my mothering skills for even a second. I keep defending myself in my head, and I keep joking about it with Matt because that's my defense mechanism, but really, she's just a damn idiot. If not pulling the shield up before exiting the car when there's a little mist in the air is the worst thing I do, I'm a damn good mother. Actually, you know what bitch, I'm a damn good mother no matter what. Oh, by the way, why aren't you holding an umbrella? It's raining, you know.