Tuesday, August 23, 2011

F is for...


Today is August 23rd, the day we were supposed to close on our house. But today? We don't even have loan approval yet. There's no telling when we're going to get loan approval, which means there is no telling what day we will actually close. That means that I can't hire movers, I can't set up utilities, and the vacation time that Matt and I both took this week is completely wasted. And. If we don't get loan approval in the next couple days, we will be homeless on September 1st. No really, I'm not joking. Okay, yes, I'm sure someone in our family would take us in, but seriously, we wont have a home. We have to be out of this duplex on September 1st, no exception.
I'm not going to go into the whole story, all I can say is that I know we will be approved, but because of a couple of issues along the way (read: I should have submitted my self-employment income from previous 2 years but didn't think it factored in since I'm no longer self-employed, but I was wrong), that answer has become incredibly delayed (how's that for a run-on sentence!) So once they factored it in, we were over the income limit for the loan we were going for. And the next loan, well it requires a higher credit score. And guess what? We miss the mark by ONE point. One. Uno. Singular. So over two weeks ago, we did what we were told to do to supposedly raise the score by about 19 points. What we're waiting on now is for all three credit bureaus to manually recompute the score...and they've been working on that for 9 business days now. Come on people! Ooops, I guess I pretty much told the whole story anyway...

So yeah, I'm freaking out, to say the least. I'm a nervous wreck, and a total bitch. I'm mostly taking it out on the cat. (Don't worry, I'm not abusing her or anything, just being bitchy). She's a bitch most of the time, so I figure she has it coming. Call it payback for what she did to Addy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

E is for...


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

D is for...


Age: 9 months and 12 days

Weight: 18 pounds 10 ounces

Height: 28 inches

Teeth: 4 - 2 on top, 2 on bottom

Diet: Similac formula, Stage 2 foods - all veggies except peas, all fruits except prunes, Mixed Grain cereal prepared with white grape juice (helps the pooping). She refuses to eat anything with texture.

Elimination: 1-2 poops per day, definitely a pound of pee in the diaper when she wakes up

Favorite toys: the fisher price playhouse, anything musical (she's thrilled that she can reach the piano keys), balls, safety straps, teeny tiny things on the floor that she can pick up and transfer from hand to hand and examine forever and ever and ever, the squeaky hippo, baby wipes

Language: lots of babbling, shrieking, mama, dadadadadadadadada, awawawawaw (like an indian call, pounding her fist over her mouth)

Mobility: She crawls and cruises with ease. She has climbed three stairs before giving up. She doesn't try to climb anything else. I think she's clumsy like me.

Sleep schedule: Wakes up between 8am and 9am, takes an hour nap before noon, takes an hour nap late afternoon, goes to bed at 7:30pm. My sister refers to me as the Sleep Nazi. The entire day and all of our activities/outings hinges upon her nap schedule. I probably need anti-anxiety medication just to handle any uncontrollable interruption to her sleep schedule.

Typical day: She wakes up, I take her out of her pajamas and diaper and she has naked baby crawly time. Lately, she pees before I get a new diaper on her, so naked baby crawly time is nearing an end. She eats an 8oz bottle. She plays in the living room for a little while. I get dressed and get her dressed, and we go for a 1/2 hour walk in the neighborhood. She eats a fruit. She plays some more, with Baby Noah in the background. She naps. She gets up and eats oatmeal and a veggie for lunch. I wash all bottles and do all dishes while she sits in her chair. She plays some more. I get a shower while she whines in her pack n play. She plays some more. At some point, I eat lunch. We go to Target, or Kriegers, or just stay home and play some more. She eats an 8oz bottle. She naps. She wakes up. She plays some more, I'm very bored with entertaining her. I desperately need adult interaction. She eats a fruit or veggie. I attempt to cook dinner. Matt comes home from work. If I'm not scheduled to work, we try to entertain her together. We all sit at the table to eat dinner. She watches. She plays, and whines. We start bedtime routine at 7:15ish. She goes to bed, we relax. 

Her demeanor: She's overall pleasant, very serious, very observant. She like to figure out how things work. She gets frustrated easily. So, in a nutshell, she's a mini-me.

Issues: She likes to touch slap faces. When we say "no" and pull her hand away, she gets very angry, and fights with us. It's her way of examining a person, but she's not gentle. I'm worried about this one.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Totally Cute Tuesday


There was absolutely nothing cute about this day.

In fact, I was about 3 seconds away from...well, maybe I should just keep that thought in my head.

Here's to hoping that the two of us can get along tomorrow.

Oh, and P.S. Addy, it's way too early for you to be throwing out a pouty face and pathetic little whimper when I tell you No.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

C is for...


I think Addy started crawling shortly after she turned 7 months...but she had been trying for so damn long, I'm not really sure of the "Hey, she's finally crawling" moment. Also, she crawls a little unusually - she propels herself forward with her right foot, then drags her left leg behind her, as if it's paralyzed. I do remember that just one day after she finally crawled, she also pulled herself up. And slowly over the past couple weeks, she's been confidently cruising along the furniture.

It's rather difficult to catch videos of Addy because as soon as she sees the Flip video recorder, she stops what she's doing and moves to grab it. So, nearly every video we have of her ends with a close-up of her face and her hand reaching for the recorder.

Here's my favorite video of her crawling. She loves to take baggage with her when she crawls...and in this one, she has a hippo toy that squeaks with her movements (for some reason, I was calling it a piggy in the video)...

And in this video, she's bringing along a paper plate with her...

And here's a video of her cruising along the furniture...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

B is for...


Hi, my name is Stacy. I suck my thumb.

Okay, I wouldn't be attending a thumb-suckers anonymous meeting today, but I could have when I was thirteen. Yup, that's right world. I sucked my thumb until the ripe old age of thirteen! I would say I'm not ashamed to admit that, but I'd be lying. Whenever my thumb was in my mouth, you would find my other hand rubbing the edge of material - a blanket, a pillowcase, my t-shirt for example. This was my world of security. This is where I felt calm and in control. And today, at the age of thirty, you will easily catch me still rubbing the edge of material. In fact, I'm doing it as I type this blog, whenever I pause to think of what to write next, I go straight for the edge of my t-shirt. Hey, some habits are hard to break.

Most kids have a favorite blanket that makes them feel secure, and Addy is no exception. Up until last week, the blanket was always kept in her crib. As soon as we lay her down to sleep, she reaches her arms out for the blanket. She grabs it and pulls it close with one hand, puts her thumb in her mouth, and rolls to the side, all with an attitude that says, "Gimmie gimmie gimmie...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. G'night." It's beyond adorable. But with the introduction of Separation Anxiety, we've discovered that her blanket will calm her down in any situation. We've started to leave the blanket lying around the house, and as soon as she sees it, she rushes over to it and faceplants into it, sucking her thumb of course.

I couldn't get her sucking her thumb because she usually stops after a couple seconds, but I got some cute photos nonetheless...