Friday, July 15, 2011

Separation anxiety

is in full swing.

And anxiety it is. For all of us.

Addy has been hinting at it for a few weeks. Nothing major, she just gets upset if mom and dad aren't in her viewing area. Totally manageable. But last night? The poor little thing was a mess. Aunt Stephanie watches her every Thursday to give Matt and me a break (cuz she's totally awesome like that). But yesterday, I had to leave before Steph could get there because it was inspection day at our hopefully-soon-to-be new house (yay!!!!), so Grandma Susan came over to fill the gap. Addy was down for a nap when Grandma got there, and I left before she woke up. Big mistake. BIIIIIIIIIIG mistake. When Addy woke up and it wasn't mommy or daddy coming to get her, she fah-reaked. For ten minutes, she wouldn't even open her eyes. She ended up throwing up three times, gagging on really thick mucus that Aunt Steph had to pull out of her throat, and was completely inconsolable for over an hour. Matt and I had planned to go to dinner with my dad and his fiance for my birthday, but little miss drama queen was too outta control, so Matt went home. She calmed down as soon as she saw daddy, but clung tightly to him for 45 minutes. He finally got her to bed about an hour later than usual.

So, apparently, Addy is a sensitive little thing that needs to take the whole "time away from mom and dad" routine very slowly. We are going to Aunt Steph's house tonight for a gathering, and we've decided to let her spend the night there. Matt and I will put her to bed, but Aunt Steph will be there when she wakes. She will be spending the night at Nana and Papa's house next Saturday, as we will be attending my dad's wedding - so consider this a practice run.

I'm a nervous wreck. And I doubt I'll be getting much sleep on my very first night without a baby in the house.

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