Sunday, July 31, 2011

A is for...

As I've mentioned before, Addison is not one to put objects in her mouth, not even food. She refuses to taste teething crackers or dissolving snacks. She has almost ten objects specifically designed for chewing on when teething, and she rarely puts any of them in her mouth - and when she does, it's just for a couple seconds. She's clearly not ready to move on to stage 3 foods, because she seems to have a problem with any kind of texture entering her mouth. But yesterday, she became extremely interested in the apple I bit in to, and wanted to try for herself...

She mostly got covered in juice, but she did get a little bit of apple, causing her to scrunch up her face, close her eyes real tight, and push it out with her tongue. Then she went right for the apple again.

(Note: I had originally set this up as a Picasa slideshow, but when I embed it in the blog, anyone can click on it and gain access to my entire Picasa content. Can anyone help me out with that?? I'm not real good at that stuff, and Matt and I are never in the same place long enough for me to make that a topic of priority.)

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  1. Ehehehe! Lilah does this with plums. She's recently also become very interested in everything I'm eating, and wants a bite. Bad habit I encourage = Pop Ice popsicles too. >_>