Friday, July 22, 2011

20 clicks for baby...

One GIANT victory for mommy!

I think the most challenging and frustrating part of mommyhood thus far is the shame I feel when I look at my daughter's overgrown fingernails and toenails. I suck at clipping them. 100% suck. I've tried sumo-wrestling, headlocking, sneaking-when-half-asleep-in-carseat, and hey-look-at-baby-einstein-not-the-nail-clippers. Sometimes I'll get a couple nails clipped before she over powers me (yes, the eight month old over powers me, hence, the shame).

But today I got them ALL! All ten fingers and all ten toes!!!!!!!! How, you ask? A super sly combo of:
  • comfy slouching position in corner of couch
  • baby einstein
  • 8 ounce bottle
  • impeccable timing of just before nap time
  • (food coma successfully induced)
  • clip nails!
I'm brilliant. And it only took eight months to get there.

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