Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slightly annoyed

Apparently, a baby isn't allowed in the water until at least 12 months old. At least that's what message I'm getting from the available sizes of swimwear at Target. Not a single thing smaller than 12 months. And it's not like I'm really late getting a swimsuit - there were tons available in every size and style 12 months and larger. Am I missing something? Maybe I should just forget about the swimming diaper too. I'll put her in the pool completely naked and hope she doesn't poo. Something tells me that would be frowned upon.

In other news, Miss Fussy Britches is teething. And seriously, how do I have the only baby alive that doesn't put anything and everything into her mouth? She doesn't care for the teething ring all that much, so I bought her two new teethers at Target (partly because she needs them, and partly because she was really pissed off that they didn't have any bathing suits for her). One is a ball that has all sorts of phallic looking things to chew on, with different textures and whatnot. The other one is like a gummy gel-filled ring of keys, which I thought she'd totally dig because she loooooooves my keys. But will she put them in her mouth? Nope. She just moves them from hand to hand, twists and turns them, and then throws them down. But what's the one thing she did gnaw on today? The edge of my plate. Yes, a regular ceramic dinner plate. What a weird child.

And that, in a nutshell, is a couple of reasons why I'm slightly annoyed today. Lucky for me (and for her), she's on her third nap. If teething makes her tired, I'm cool with that.

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