Monday, June 13, 2011

It's officially part of my vocabulary

The word "No." Said in a stern tone and accompanied by head-shaking. And most often, it is said while pulling Addy's hands away from the vertical blinds. She's already broken one by pulling hard enough to crack the fastener at the top, and she thinks they are reaaaaaaaaaaally cool. Can you guess what her response is after the stern "No"? She pauses, looks at me quizzically, then smiles. And then turns back to play with the blinds.

I get the feeling she's thinking, "Oh mom, you're so funny when you talk like that. Don't worry, you're a newbie. You'll get good at it someday. Hehehe. Until then, I'm gonna play with these fun things that swing back and forth...."

And so it begins.

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