Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Imagining the unimaginable

A few years ago, my sister tried really hard to get me to follow a mommy blog she had stumbled upon. It was a blog written by a local woman detailing her adventures in infertility. Despite my sister's insistence on how great of a blog it was, I had absolutely no interest at the time. But wouldn't you know, after becoming a mommy myself, that blog is now one of two mommy blogs that I follow. And since the time of my sister's failed attempts at getting me to follow, the woman conceived and gave birth to her first child, and later became pregnant with twins. The birth of her twins and the unimaginable days that have followed are what prompted me to finally listen to my sister and click 'Follow".

I've mentioned many times how having a baby has changed my perspective on the meaning and importance of life. I'm now able to relate to a whole crapload of stuff that I couldn't quite grasp before becoming a mom. A good friend used to tell me that after having her first child, she couldn't watch the news anymore without getting upset - she'd hear about murders or such and think, "Oh my gosh, that person has a mother...that was somebody's baby!" I could never relate to this, as my outlook was that murder is part of population control. Well now, now sometimes I lay awake at night imagining all these horrible things that could happen to take my daughter away from me. And now, I get sad when I watch the news. I find myself crying at Cold Case Files when the mother of a murdered child is being interviewed. This part of motherhood - the constant worry and vulnerability - I could do without, but it comes with the territory. And though I have imagined all these horrible things that could happen to Addison, I simply cannot imagine what the mom of the aforementioned blog has gone through. In summary, she went in for an emergency C-Section at 32 weeks to deliver her twins. One went into the NICU, and the other was stillborn. Five months later, and after countless setbacks and surgeries, her little fighter is still in the NICU. I know it's selfish, but I follow her blog because it reminds me to appreciate everything I have. When I'm annoyed with Addison, pissed about a lack of sleep, frustrated at her whining, a new post by this woman shuts me up real quick. She's living the unimaginable, and she manages to do it with optimism and humor.

So.......after my super long introduction.......I'm writing this blog to share information on an event that has been planned to help this family. I realize that there are less than ten people that regularly read my blog, but the internet is an amazing thing, and I figure the least I can do is post the information and maybe somehow through the power of the internet it will reach someone who is inspired by her story and wants to help. Click below to learn more about the story and how to help this family.

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