Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Half-Birthday Love!!!

Addison is six months old today! I simply cannot believe how fast time has gone. Motherhood is one great big contradiction...the days are long, but the months fly by. Every day feels boring and monotonous, but the whole experience is exciting and ever-changing. Every task comes with challenges, yet it all feels so natural.

The past six months has been quite a ride! I've been lucky enough to not only fall deeply in love with Addison, but also with her father. He's been my strength and support through some of my lowest times, and it's been so wonderful sharing in the joys of parenting with him. It truly warms my heart to see Addison's face light up when he enters the room, and I confess, my face lights up a little bit too. Okay, enough with the sappy love stuff. Here's Addison in a nutshell...

Getting her diaper changed
Grabbing fistfulls of the kitties' fur
Playing with her shape sorter - especially the blue stars
Sucking on her fuzzy blanket
Eating prune juice mixed with oatmeal
Riding in the carseat
Bumming around Target
Playing with safety straps
Watching Baby Einstein videos before naptime
Watching me dry my hair
Playing with eye glasses

Being dressed
The hour before bedtime
The vacuum cleaner
Eating peaches
Wearing bibs
Getting her nails trimmed
Getting her face wiped clean after eating
The Bumbo chair
Fitting rooms at department stores

From what I can tell so far, I think she's a lot like me. She's very stubborn in some ways, but she also gets frustrated and gives up easily. She loves to observe everything when she's in a new place. She doesn't let you see her personality unless she's seen you a few times before. She certainly has not been the easiest of babies, and I imagine she wont be the easiest of toddlers or teenagers. We're going to have our hands full with her! And I can't wait to see what the next six months has in store for us!

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