Friday, April 1, 2011

What goes in...

...must come out. Eventually.

Now, I don't assume that anyone reading this blog is particularly interested in reading about Addison's poop. But, may I kindly remind you that the blog is titled Eat. Poop. Sleep. And the overall purpose of the blog, as introduced in my very first post, is not to entertain the reader, it's to document life with a baby so that I can look back on it and remember all these little details that fade over time. So, back to the poop talk...

Addy hadn't pooped in six days. It was beginning to majorly interfere with her eating and sleeping, so, enter our friend the suppository. I was petrified to put something up her butt, however, I surprisingly received a smile in return! It's supposed to do its thing in 15 minutes to an hour, but in the true fashion of our stubborn princess, it took well over EIGHT hours. And you know what the worst part was? I didn't even get the satisfaction of seeing it happen. I was at work, and Matt got the poop. Honestly, I'm totally pissed off. I mean, really totally pissed. I actually cried. Now that's a mommy moment I never thought I'd have - crying over missing a massive stink bomb. But seriously, I dealt with her crankiness every day, I sat her on my lap for 20 minutes three times a day trying to help her push it out, I dealt with her middle of the night tortured cries, I shoved a suppository up her butt, I listened to three hours of ridiculous crying as the suppository slooooooooooowly did its thing. But Matt gets the satisfaction of the final outcome instead?!?!?  I feel totally cheated. You better believe that tomorrow morning I'm fishing that diaper out of the trash and taking a peek. That's the closest thing to closure I'm gonna get.


  1. The least he could have done is preserved it in a digital picture...!!!

  2. Yeah, when I asked him if he took a pic, he responded "I was busy holding my lunch down. I wasn't thinking about the camera." Dads just don't care like moms do...