Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The true cost of relief

Bottle of prune juice: $4.39
Bottle of white grape juice: $3.79
Pureed prunes: $1.00
Pureed peaches: $1.00
Pureed pears: $1.68
Addison pooping on her own without ten minutes of screaming: priceless

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

"An Easter basket, for moi?!?!?!?"

" far so good...I like this tag."

"Ohboy ohboy ohboy! Pretty new clothes!"

"Nommmmmmmmmm. Caterpillar yummy..."

"I've got a new best friend!"

"I like to cuddle with him"

"Ugh...I should NOT have snuck that solid
chocolate bunny."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random thoughts

Why is the most interesting part of the toy always the tag?

Yes, the book "Everyone Poops" is correct, with the exception of my daughter. Her poops are 7 days apart, and the last 3 have required the assistance of shoving a slimy thing up her butt. She's on the third day of prunes and still no poop. FML.

Sometimes, I'd be totally okay with having a supersized hoo-ha capable of pushing out a fully functional, walking and talking human. I doubt my boyfriend would agree though.

I can't wait for the day I can play with Addy's hair.

I keep telling myself that I'm gonna get in shape when springtime comes and we can go for a walk every day. Come on Ohio, get on board already. I'm running out of indoor field trips I can drive to, and I'm gonna have to take out a small loan just to pay for gas.

I wish I could be an extreme couponer. Or even just a basic couponer.

I'm very thankful I don't have animals that are scared of thunderstorms, and also that my baby sleeps through them.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Totally Cute Tuesday

This past Saturday we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday, and Addy picked out her favorite dress and shoes to wear...

"I'm a girly-girl and I like to get all dressed up.
But for future reference, you can skip the shoes,
cuz I'm just gonna kick em off anyways."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, that only took three years...

This blog post has nothing to do with mommyhood, or maybe it has everything to do with it, I'm not really sure. All I know is that in the span of about four hours, I managed to lose some baggage.

I slept wonderfully last night from about 2:30-6:30. It could be the most restful sleep I've gotten in over five months. And during this sleep, I had a long, detailed, strange, satisfying dream. My immediate family and I were on vacation somewhere that surely doesn't exist in real life, and we were awaiting the arrival of a couple of relatives from Las Vegas. The doorbell rang, but when I answered it I was quite surprised to find not a relative, but my ex-boyfriend, a.k.a. asshole, lying bastard, cheating coward, and beep (that last one is because for, eh, a year or so, the mere mention of his name would bring me to tears, so we censored his name with "beep"). He had come to make peace with me and apologize for his actions. I got Matt's permission to go on a walk with him, and a strange journey began. The walk started normal - just strolling down the street talking about the manner in which our relationship was ended. Then all of a sudden, we were engaged in some sort of race, or chase, or getaway from police or something, I'm not really sure. We were climbing all over the place, jumping from treehouses, running through people's houses. The feeling of it all was mostly frantic, like we were running away from something, but there were also periods of calmness. When it was frantic, I was pouring my heart out describing just how deeply he hurt me and how I had been mourning the loss of him over the past three years. I was telling him everything I've ever wanted to, like every single conversation I've made up in my head was actually being said. And when it was calm, he was telling me how much he missed me and that he made a mistake. At some point, he tried to kiss me, and I stopped him, as visions of Matt and Addison flashed before me. In that instant, it was as if everything I've been holding onto just - poof - disappeared. All the hatred, the sadness, the anger, the admiration, the love, the memories, the lies, the fights, the truth. All of it, good and bad, simply gone. And there he stood before me, just another person, no longer the owner of my damaged heart.

When I woke up, I felt so emotionally light and free. When Addison was born, I let go of the past a little bit, but I still carried the hurt and would allow it to get to me periodically. This morning, it feels like it's finally all gone. He was the love of my life, but that life is over. My new life has two new loves, the greatness of which he could never compete with.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Totally Cute Tuesday

"I'm not letting go."

"I'm really not letting go."

"What part of ' I'm not letting go '
don't you understand?!?"

Monday, April 11, 2011

You'll be seeing less of me

Wow, where did last week go? I think it flew right out the window, along with our typical daily routine! It's true what they say - as soon as you get used to a baby's schedule, they change it up. Two months ago, the loss of control would have found me bitching up a storm and probably running away crying, but now I'm all "Meh, that's life...gotta roll with the punches, go with the flow, whatever".  Actually, I'm kind of - dare I say it - enjoying the challenge of settling into a different routine, all the while knowing that it too will be temporary.

Last week was my longest absence from writing a blog post since I started in January. I had been truly proud of myself for how often I was able to post, and secretly, a little bit, it made me feel like supermom. I was taking care of Addy, staying on top of the dishes and general tidiness of the house, enjoying my cup of coffee in solitude, and finding time almost on a daily basis to write. Posting on the blog had became a very important outlet for me to organize my thoughts, as well as a tool to facilitate in controlling my moods. But now that I feel more stable, there's less conflict in my head to conjure up material for a blog post. So last week, I began to focus a little more attention on other areas, and writing blogs was moved to the bottom of the to-do list. Pair that with Addy changing up the routine on me, and I found zero time to write.

I presume that posting once a week (in addition to Totally Cute Tuesdays) will become the norm for me. I'll try my best to make them count (-;

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Totally Cute Tuesday

This blog post brought to you by Addy's ability to play with strange objects while I hammer out a blog post:

Monday, April 4, 2011

The cold, hard truth

I attended calling hours tonight for a dear friend's grandmother, and when trying to get ready, I had a major wardrobe dilemma - I have no post-pregnancy dress pants that fit, as I am still one size larger than before I got pregnant. The good news: my maternity pants that I wore for my baby shower fit good enough to wear. The bad news: my maternity pants that I wore for my baby shower fit good enough to wear. Guess I need to stop napping when Addy naps and hang out with Denise Austin a little more. Of course, not eating from the vending machine every shift I work at Home Depot might help a little too.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What goes in...

...must come out. Eventually.

Now, I don't assume that anyone reading this blog is particularly interested in reading about Addison's poop. But, may I kindly remind you that the blog is titled Eat. Poop. Sleep. And the overall purpose of the blog, as introduced in my very first post, is not to entertain the reader, it's to document life with a baby so that I can look back on it and remember all these little details that fade over time. So, back to the poop talk...

Addy hadn't pooped in six days. It was beginning to majorly interfere with her eating and sleeping, so, enter our friend the suppository. I was petrified to put something up her butt, however, I surprisingly received a smile in return! It's supposed to do its thing in 15 minutes to an hour, but in the true fashion of our stubborn princess, it took well over EIGHT hours. And you know what the worst part was? I didn't even get the satisfaction of seeing it happen. I was at work, and Matt got the poop. Honestly, I'm totally pissed off. I mean, really totally pissed. I actually cried. Now that's a mommy moment I never thought I'd have - crying over missing a massive stink bomb. But seriously, I dealt with her crankiness every day, I sat her on my lap for 20 minutes three times a day trying to help her push it out, I dealt with her middle of the night tortured cries, I shoved a suppository up her butt, I listened to three hours of ridiculous crying as the suppository slooooooooooowly did its thing. But Matt gets the satisfaction of the final outcome instead?!?!?  I feel totally cheated. You better believe that tomorrow morning I'm fishing that diaper out of the trash and taking a peek. That's the closest thing to closure I'm gonna get.