Friday, March 11, 2011

What's this in my cookie jar?!?!?

I've seen a few posts on facebook lately regarding Girl Scout cookies, and I'm reminded of a funny story. One year as a Girl Scout, I wasn't doing so hot with the cookie sales. My mom challenged me by offering to buy one box for every box I sold. So, on a nasty, rainy day, I went door to door with a sweet little smile and sold my ass off. I sold over 200 boxes of cookies (yeah, I played up the rain factor)! I was so pumped because I thought for once we would have cookies in the house. We would get to eat a sugary snack, something my mom was 100% against. We weren't even allowed to have Rice Crispies because sugar was one of the first three ingredients. So my mom made good on her word; she bought 200 boxes from me. But do you know what she bought? The damn cheese crackers! 200 flippin boxes of stupid triangular shaped cheese crackers! Seriously. That was the last year they offered those crackers  - probably because my sales were the only 200 boxes they sold.

If  (when) Addy is in Girl Scouts, I WILL buy a few boxes of cookies, and we WILL eat them in moderation*. And you know what else, she WILL have an easy bake oven!

*Who am I kidding, I'm gonna sneak a whole box of Tagalongs to my room and eat them in one sitting.


  1. I'll take 4 boxes of Samoas, if those are the coconut and chocolate ones. Is it true the new Easy Bake ovens use CFL bulbs instead of the 60-watt ones that are banned as of 2013?

  2. OMG i can't believe i forgot about this. and i think i just realized why i dislike cheese nips / cheeze-itz to this day. and dad, you are crazy.