Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ooooo, we gonna need mo bibs!

Addy is four months old! And that can only mean one thing....rice cereal! We tried it out on Tuesday night. I think we can call it a success - she ate a good portion of what we attempted to put in her mouth, and she didn't protest too heavily. In fact, I think she kinda liked it. She also slept awesomely, so I kinda love it!

Here's a few shots:

I love that last one! BTW, I also LOVE her chair. We registered for it because we simply do not have the room in our place for a big ol' highchair unit. This sits directly on a regular chair, and has 3 positions, so it will grow with her. I always sit her in the chair when I'm eating, and she lasts long enough with a toy to let me eat a quick breakfast or lunch. And I carry her upstairs in it so she can sit and watch the shower curtain while I attend to my personal hygiene needs. It's fantastic! Although, I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do with her once she's too big and mobile for that...

P.S. If you're confused by the blog title, think waxing scene from 40 Year Old Virgin and say it with the asian accent....

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