Monday, March 28, 2011

"Hi mom and dad, when did you get home?"

We made it through our first babysitting experience! Sure, Aunt Stephanie comes over every Thursday to watch Addy, but one of us is usually lurking in the background. And true, we dropped Addy at Nana and Papa's house once to grab some dinner. But this weekend was the first time babysitters came to our house, had to make sure she napped, had to feed her, had to put her in pajamas, read her a book, and get her to bed. And it needed done two nights in a row!

I was a nervous wreck leading up to the weekend - not because I didn't trust our wonderful babysitters - but because I had to leave my little baby, and I wasn't sure how she'd behave for her temporary caretakers. Turns out, I was pretty much worried about nothing. I'm told she was a pleasure for everyone, with the exception of refusing to eat her oatmeal both nights. Grandma Susan and Bill watched her on Friday night, and Saturday was shared by Grandpa Rudy and Susan, and Aunt Stephanie. Here's a few pics taken while we were away...

Grandma Susan helping Addy play with some greeting cards

Addy with Grandpa Rudy

"I'm not sure how I feel about you mister. I'm just gonna
study your face real good."
Addy with Susan

She's getting interested in all the objects around her

Reading a naptime book with Susan
It didn't even seem like she missed us while we were gone. She seems to be warming up to my dad (finally), and I'm really glad she doesn't scream if mommy or daddy isn't the one holding her. That could very well change in the next few months, so don't worry, I wont get too used to it. But now that the first round of babysitting is over with and nobody got hurt, I'm daydreaming about all the adventures Matt and I could take (-:

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