Saturday, February 5, 2011

Words of advice

When Stephanie and I made my baby shower invitations, we included a card for people to write words of advice on for Matt and me. My intent was to include the cards we received in Addison's baby scrapbook, which I'm currently working on. Here are the wonderful words of advice from our family and friends:

  • Always take time to listen to her. Never be too busy to really listen.
  • Rest when the baby sleeps! Enjoy every aspect of being a new parent. Children grow up so fast. Enjoy every new development and phase of your precious child's life. Give your child 2 great gifts: Roots and Wings.
  • Enjoy every day. Be Patient. Laugh. Know that your child is the most wonderful gift.
  • Always keep in mind that every stage of baby's life will be your favorite.
  • Be kind, be patient with one another. No one is a perfect father or mother. Embrace the moment and count yourself blessed. And take time for a break when you're feeling too stressed.
  • Everything is temporary. That goes for both the good stuff and the bad. When you're having a hard time, remember -it wont last forever. And when you're having a wonderful time, make yourself slow down and really savor the special moments (and record them!) because it goes by so fast. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help! People love to help new mommies, but they wont know what you need unless you tell them - be specific & delegate!
  • Have a sense of humor and patience.
  • Be prepared for a lot of crying...but don't let any day go by for granted!
  • Listen to the advice the everyone gives, but in the end always go with your gut feeling. Pack extra everything!
  • Always take a nap when the baby does, you need it. Try to stay calm - babies and children sense your stress, then they become stressed. Tell them you love them every day and night. Pray for them every day.
  • Trust yourself and remember: "Children are a gift from the Lord", and "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."
  • Get plenty of rest now! Good luck!
  • Remember, hair grows back, makeup washes off, and fashions change. Don't panic!
  • Don't get wrapped up in all the baby books that can sometimes overwhelm you and brainwash you too! Relax and enjoy the journey of mother & fatherhood slowly. It is all trial and error, and you'll find what works best for you both and the baby!
  • Learn to be patient! Very...Very...PATIENT!
  • Love them with all your hearts and that's the single most important thing a parent can do.
  • Just relax, have fun and enjoy every moment!
  • The best advice is to listen to your own instincts. As you get to know your child, the advice of others isn't always what will work for you and your baby. The words & books are helpful at times. Trust yourself as a mother. As she grows, remind yourself to see the world through her eyes - it's so much more fun that way!
  • Don't be prideful. If help is offered, take it. If help is needed, do not hesitate to ask for it.
  • Listen to all advice and suggestions...make your own decisions!
  • Don't take parenting so seriously that you forget to laugh. A sense of humor is the best defense against going crazy. Remember that your child is going to do some really stupid things. You did, we all did. Finding humor in those moments can ease frustrations. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help and advice. Parenting is 'on the job' training and, at times, very tough. Pick up the phone and call someone who has been there. Time goes by so quickly. Take the time to view the world through your child's eyes, you'll never regret it. Thank God every day.
  • You cannot love, hug, cuddle, or kiss your little girl too much!
  • Drop the baby at your sister's house and get some sleep! (Hehe, this is the one I filled out!)
  • As soon as the doctor says it's okay, start working on making a baby sister. I cannot fathom my life without my own baby sister in it, so I can't imagine robbing that from anyone... (Hehe, this is the one my sister Stephanie filled out!)
I've looked back on these a couple of times since she was born to help get me through the toughest times. That doesn't mean I've followed all the advice (for example, I simply can't enjoy EVERY minute, but I do try to enjoy most of them). My favorite piece of advice is to give your child two things - Roots and Wings. I think that's our ultimate job as parents, to give them a solid foundation they can always rely on, but to provide them the tools to safely explore the world on their own. I can say one thing for sure - that last piece of advice about making a sister is going to have to wait a while (-:


  1. If I had gotten even an inkling of such valuable advice I'm pretty sure my first 6 months with Owen would have been much easier! You're very lucky to have so many caring and encouraging people in your life. :)

  2. Awww... Stephanie's made me cry. You know the next best thing to a little sister is a little cousin...

  3. Grandpa's advice to Addie (and her mother): You will be crawling around in a few months. When you are crawling around outside exploring the wonders of nature, watch out for the wet leaves. They are slippery--and you don't want to blow out a knee.