Thursday, February 3, 2011

Say (hold the) Cheese!

If you know me, you probably know how much I enjoy cheese. And if you know how much I enjoy cheese, you'll understand just how bad Addy's intestinal problems are when I tell you that I've reached the point of giving up consumption of cheese to see if milk is the cause of her problems. Is it horrible that I've waited three months to give up something I love to try and help my daughter? Yeah, I thought so. I guess I wont be winning a 'Mother of the Year' award anytime soon.

Last night, Addy was fighting the gas pain until 3:30am. Then she was back up less than three hours later. Her problems have gotten progressively worse in the past two weeks. Though her poop for the past three days has seemed diarrhea-ish to me, she shows no signs of dehydration. She's happy and minimally fussy during the day, but explodes at night starting at about 7pm. Her fussy period has been lasting anywhere from 4 to 7 hours for the past couple weeks. She is otherwise healthy. After googling infant gas and abdominal problems, it seems I can now classify Addy as having colic. And lots of colic resources suggest cutting out anything with milk , as an allergy to the sugars in cow's milk seems to be a common underlying cause for colic.

So right now is the best time for me to cut out the milk - with my current work schedule, we should be able to use only fresh breastmilk through next Thursday, and wont have to rely on the frozen supply which could contain loads of cow's milk sugars. Is it horrible that I hope her problems don't get better, so I can continue to enjoy cheese, and the many other products containing milk that I love? Yeah, I thought so.

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