Sunday, February 6, 2011

Product Review: Diapers - Newborn & Size 1

We have contributed approximately 252 newborn diapers and 396 size 1 diapers to the local landfill. That's roughly 8 diapers a day for her first three months of life (minus this last week, as we've moved on to size 2 diapers). You can take my following review with a grain of salt, because no baby on the planet is shaped exactly like Addison, so no diaper will fit exactly the same. But, diapers are a big part of mommyhood, so I felt a review should be included.

Brand: Pampers
My Thoughts: These diapers hold a ton of shit, literally. Okay, maybe not a full ton, but they hold a lot of shit. And pee. They fit her very nicely, until they didn't, and that's when we had to move up a size. No complaints.

Brand: Huggies
My Thoughts: Well, we had to do a lot more laundry when using the Huggies. These things leaked like an old faucet. Pee and poo, it didn't matter. We couldn't get them snug enough around her legs to keep everything in.

Brand: Luvs
My Thoughts: We actually really liked these diapers. They never leaked, and are sleeker than other brands (read: not so bunchy in the crotch). However, they can only handle small loads. We had to change her a lot more often - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it leads to less diaper rash I suppose.

Brand: Huggies
My Thoughts: These fared much better in this size than the newborn size. We had a couple of minor leaks but nothing like before. These don't seem to hold as much as Pampers do.

Brand: Pampers
My Thoughts: Just as good as the newborn size. We liked the Pampers so much that we bought a mega box of them.

Because we have such wonderful friends and family members, we haven't needed to spend any out-of-pocket money on diapers yet. We purchased two small packages of newborn size, and the mega box of size 1, all with gift cards. Yay for awesome generosity! Also, we got different brands as gifts, so that gave us the opportunity to try them all before buying the mega box. I have heard lots of people say they prefer the Target brand over others, so when it's time to replenish size 2, I'll be picking up a package of those to try.

On a side note, have you seen the new commercial for Luvs with the babies in the Heavy Dooty Contest? It's hilarious. And I love their new tagline: "Because what happens in diapers should stay in diapers". The whole thing is very clever marketing in my opinion.

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