Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I swear I got an A in Biology

Why oh why oh why oh why do my armpits itch when I'm nursing? It drives me bat crazy. It's the most intense, gotta-scratch-right-this-second kind of itch. And I have to scratch with such force that poor Addy loses her suction. She looks up at me like "WTF mom? I'm trying to eat here." To which I reply "Well sorry honey, you're just gonna have to wait. It feels like a family of ants just hatched in my armpit (although I'm not really sure on this one, ants do hatch, don't they?)* According to Dr. Google, this is a fairly common experience for women who are nursing. There are tons of moms out there posting on forums about their itchy armpits, but no one seems to know why this happens. So I guess it's just gonna remain a great mystery of my mommyhood experience.

* Upon checking with Professor Google, ants, in fact, do hatch.

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  1. Weird! I've never heard of that before. For the first couple months of nursing with both kids, each time my milk let down my ninnies would hurt like they were receiving an electric shock. I always wondered if anyone else had that experience too. What search terms would I use to Google that? "milk letdown makes ninnies feel like connected to car battery"?