Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 10 Must-Haves for Birth to 2 Months

I'm a planner at heart. I like to be prepared. I freak out when I'm not. So when I was pregnant, I searched for a list that would tell me every item I would need to help take care of a baby. There was no single list that made me feel at ease, so I chose two of the best and combined them. After an initial registry shopping trip with a dear friend, I returned to the store with lists in hand and completed my baby registry. From bibs and onesies, down to the exact number of washcloths the lists said I needed, I asked for it all and I felt prepared. Now that baby is here, and we're two months into taking care of her, I have to say I think the lists did a pretty good job. In fact, there hasn't been a single item I've purchased that I failed to include since she's arrived. I do, however, have a stack of adorable receiving blankets that I can't seem to find a decent use for.

During the past two months, I have become very good friends with certain baby products. They are highly convenient, baby-friendly, make every day tasks easier, the best in their category, or simply help save my sanity. Here's my top 10 must-haves that I would be lost without:

10. Foaming head-to-toe baby soap in a pump dispenser:  
Why? Because the pump makes it super easy to use and it washes off clean.
9. Clip-on pacifier case:  
Why? Because it's always readily accessible for when she suddenly
decides she's pissed off.

8. Grass drying pad:
Why? One, it's way cuter than the chinsy white plastic drying
towers. Two, it easily holds the myriad of bottle part shapes and sizes.
7. One piece, full length outfits, with feet included, that zip or snap down the front:
Why? Because trying to put clothing on over an infant's head drives
 me over the edge, and socks don't really stay on the feet.
6. Crib sheet saver:
Why? Because it's a pain in the ass to change a crib sheet.
If she spits up or drools in her sleep, I only have to change this.
Plus, it's nice and soft against her pretty little face.

5. The Boppy:
Why? Because nursing is hard enough, so a little support is nice.

4. A portable swing:
Why? One, I can take it upstairs or downstairs. Two, it occupies her for
a brief time so my arms can have a rest. Three (I'm pretty sure this
applies only to this swing and only to my baby), she finds great
enjoyment with watching the gears moving, and I find great enjoyment
in hearing her coo at it.
3. Disposable diapers: 
Why? Because I can't imagine finding the time to clean the cloth diapers.
 2. Noise machine (aka, The Ocean):
Why? Because I enjoy listening to it on the monitor as much
as she obviously enjoys having noise when falling asleep.

1. Handmade blankets for swaddling:
Why? Because they are big enough to swaddle, and just the right
thickness so she's not too warm or cool. Sorry people, you can't
buy these anywhere. You'd have to hunt down our family friend
Shelia, who would probably be thrilled to make you a couple.

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