Sunday, January 23, 2011

Product Review: Gas/Colic Remedies

Addison is an extremely gassy baby, poor thing. At this point, it's nearly the only reason she ever cries, and it happens every day without fail. There are a couple of holding positions that work best to help move the gas bubbles along, but we spend about two hours every day (mostly at bedtime) waiting for her to pass her gas. Last night, the bedtime routine took five hours. I went through two feedings, two diaper changes, three swaddling attempts, multiple Jewel Lullaby songs, and three rotations of The Ocean. She finally stayed asleep beginning at midnight, and she slept six hours.

I've read a lot of articles regarding infant gas issues, and talked to our pediatrician. The good news is this is likely to go away by six months of age. The bad news is, that's more than three months from now, and I'm running out of stamina. We've tried three products that claim to relieve infant gas, colic, and hiccups. I've decided to review them, because I know I'm not the only mother out there dealing with this issue. What works for my baby wont work for all, but I think personal testimonials are always nice. Afterall, the fancy packaging doesn't tell you everything.

Product: Mylicon Infant Gas Drops
Cost: $9.00
Available at: Babies R Us, all drugstores
Addison's reaction: Tastes great! She stops crying long enough to process the great taste, then immediately starts crying again.
My thoughts: Doesn't do a damn thing to help the gas move along. It only works on the gas at the top of the intestines; it's supposed to gather up the small air bubbles into a larger bubble, making it easier to burp up. It does not affect the gas that has already moved into the intestines, which of course is where the problem lies.

Product: Colic Calm
Cost: $19.00
Available at: According to their website, any CVS. According to reality, only the CVS in the ghetto of Akron.
Addison's reaction: Tastes interesting....not really sure...yeah, this stuff is okay.
My thoughts: This is a horrible product to dispense into a tiny human. It contains vegetable carbon. Carbon, in case you aren't aware, is black and very messy. This stuff is really thick, black, and stains anything it touches. The dispenser that comes with it doesn't push smoothly, so my first attempt at giving this to her resulted in her choking because I pushed too hard and the entire contents shot into her mouth - she jerked her head, and I stabbed the corner of her jaw with the dropper. Thick and messy black liquid went everywhere except down her throat. Not a happy moment for any of us.  Once she finally swallowed some, we could hear it working immediately. Lots of stuff was happening inside of her digestive system. Unfortunately, she didn't stop crying and the gas was not relieved, and she didn't poop for two days, which really had me worried.

Product: Wellements Gripe Water
Cost: $11.00
Available at: Walgreens
Addison's reaction: Tastes awful! Get this thing out of my mouth pronto!
My thoughts: Within five minutes of swallowing some, she started farting. She farted a lot. But we still didn't get her calmed down and in bed for another three hours. I had high hopes for this product, but today she spent the entire day crying about gas again, and Matt gave her gripe water with both feedings he did while I was at work. And she woke up from bedtime after sleeping for 45 minutes.

So my conclusion....try whatever you want, maybe something will work for you. Looks like we're just gonna have to wait this one out. FML.

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