Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pregnancy

I am one of the lucky ones - I experienced a wonderful pregnancy, from start to finish. I never got sick, I never had heartburn, I didn't get hemorrhoids, she never kicked my ribs, my skin was perfectly clear. And for the very first time ever in my memory, I was comfortable with my body. The extra chub on my face and arms was okay,  and my plump round belly was beautiful. Of course I was tired, and towards the end, sleeping was nearly impossible. But getting to know her, feeling her twirl around inside me -- those were the most amazing moments I've ever experienced.

It shocked me how much people really love a pregnant woman. Every time I was out shopping, people would glance at the belly, then look at me and smile. And not just women either, men are all about it too. Numerous times at work, male customers would ask me all sorts of questions about the baby, and they'd be smiling wide the whole time. Usually, they ended the conversation with some version of "It's the greatest thing you'll ever do!" Those guys always made my day because I knew that Matt would one day be one of those guys, smiling ear to ear talking about how great it is to be a daddy.

It also shocked me how comfortable our society is with an unmarried pregnant woman, especially since I look more like I'm 20 than 30 years old. People were so open with it, asking if the father was in the picture or whose last name we were going to use, and never with a judgemental tone. It was comforting in a way. And still, even being unmarried, people ended the conversation smiling wide, saying "It's the best!"

I wish I would have kept a pregnancy journal, day to day, of the highlights and pitfalls. It all seems mostly like a blur now. It went by ridiculously fast, and I want it back! Here's a  list of some things I do remember:

  • I found out I was pregnant on February 24, 2010.
  • I was so tired during the first trimester that it felt like someone drugged me. One minute I would be awake and functioning, then all of a sudden it would be "Need. Nap. NOW."
  • The anatomy ultrasound was on June 11th, the day before we left for vacation. There wasn't a single fiber of my being that wanted a boy, so when we found out it was a girl, I became much more accepting of the pregnancy. If it had been a boy, given time, I'm sure I would have been just as happy. But knowing it was a girl made it a whole lot easier to be excited.
  • I was 100% sure I felt her kick during our drive to Nags Head on June 12th.
  • On my apron at work, a coworker wrote "Baby on Board" really big so I couldn't be mistaken as just fat.
  • I definitely noticed lots of pregnant ladies everywhere I went. It's like we have radar when we're pregnant. Oddly, I avoided eye contact with these people, especially if I thought that they might just be fat. 
  • Because I kinda got sick of answering the same three questions, I wanted to make a shirt that read:
    1. November 4th
    2. It's a girl
    3. No name yet 
  • The entire time I was pregnant, I had a strong feeling she was going to come early. Like a week early. Turns out I was wrong.
  • She was always active around 10:00 at night. I looked forward to bedtime because she'd spend the first 10 minutes swimming around. I loved to feel and watch her move from side to side.
  • Matt and I would talk about how we hoped she'd turn out; we wanted her to have his eyes, ears, and body structure, but have my nose and face shape. So far, it seems like she listened 100%.
  • Almost everything I ate was Italian - pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread, canned ravioli. I didn't necessarily crave it, I was mostly indifferent to food in general and this was the easiest to eat.
  • I LOVED being pregnant and didn't want it to end!

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